Why doesn’t Japan have a military?

This is a truly inspiring post.

What I Learned Today

A sixth grade student I worked with yesterday asked why Japan does not have a military.  We spent nearly an hour unpacking her question — it was an amazing discussion that got at the idea of why countries need a military and what happens when a country — say Kuwait — does not have a strong military.

Of course, Gandhi did not have a strong military, and his movement to get the British out of India using non-violence is worth learning about as well (it’s a good topic to look at in connection with MLK Day, since MLK was inspired by Gandhi’s work).

But my student asked her question about Japan’s military, and the rest of this extra-long blog post will explore how she came to ask that question, and what happened as we started to explore her question.

Not surprisingly, the answer to the question about Japan’s military has…

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